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Scope of the mechanical assessment

In addition to the electrical test, the production quality or possible reasons for failure can be detailed by disassembling of the batteries. During this mechanical analysis, we carry out a comprehensive and systematic evaluation of the components, which are disassembled separately to determine their detailed condition.

This includes the following:
  • Documentation of the battery data (nominal data)
  • Visual inspection
  • Highly precise weight measurement
  • Checking the acid density of individual cells
  • Instant test data logging by PC
  • Opening the battery using a special band saw
  • Checking the individual cell voltages
  • Removing the cell packs
  • Detailed examination of the individual parts such as connectors, grids, masses etc.
  • Precise protocol and documentation of the results

We document the results:
The results are presented to you in the form of a detailed assessment log with illustrated curves and tables. In addition, we provide the results of analysis either as hard copy or as an electronic PDF file.
mechanische analysemechanische analyse