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Always on top of leading edge technology!

Our test equipment is continuously updated to comply with the latest technical requirements. It is flexibly scalable. This means that our test methods can be conducted at all times in accordance with company, national, and international standards.

  • Regular test circuits with up to 60 A and 50 V
  • Various high current charging and discharging units; charge up to 1.200A and discharge up to 2,400 A
  • Miscellaneous water baths with temperature ranges varying between - 10C and 80C
  • Several Temperature chambers -40C to +180C
  • Cooling chamber -35C to -10C
  • Vacuum drying cabinet
  • Various power packs and charging devices up to 100 A
  • data presetting and collection up to 1 KHz
  • voltage reading from individual cells up to battery assemblies